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As with most of life’s best relationships – the one between 5th grader Davon and his OpenDoors mentors Katherine Brooks and Peggy Weil, began organically. No ‘formal’ match up or introduction, just a great kid two women got to know through school activities and their own children. Katherine says Davon has been a welcome member […]

This is how we “Du” it!

Our first annual Dig the Du event on Sunday, October 9th was a tremendous success.

October News from Jen Ramming, Co-founder and Director

Open Doors School of Thought

There was a fight at Asheville High; it wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last, but what impressed me about this event was that OpenDoors volunteers heard about it even before my son who was on campus did, and we were able to contact one of the kid’s parents immediately and circle that child in crisis with our intentional community. This was possible because of students looking out for other students and having the ability and courage to contact responsible adults in their lives whom they know they can trust. […]