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Lot #125: Letting Go

Lot#: 125
Dimensions: approximately 5 1/2'
Media: Stone and steel
Market Value: $6800.00

Carl Peverall lives at the eastern base of Mt. Mitchell on the bedrock of the South Toe River in Celo, NC and considers himself a stone gatherer working not just “from” nature but “with” nature. He and his co-creator son, Ethan, partner to make the challenging medium of stone into art that seems effortless and poetic. All together, they have placed over forty large scaled works within fine gardens and properties from Annapolis, MD to Delray Beach, FL, in New Zealand and throughout North Carolina.

Their work is strong and safe as it is diamond core drilled and invisibly fastened with heavy steel bar. Carl and Ethan will personally install the sculpture at a convenient time and be available for consultation regarding it’s placement.

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