As with most of life’s best relationships – the one between 5th grader Davon and his OpenDoors mentors Katherine Brooks and Peggy Weil, began organically. No ‘formal’ match up or introduction, just a great kid two women got to know through school activities and their own children. Katherine says Davon has been a welcome member of her household since he and her youngest son became best buds in Kindergarten!

Last year, Katherine and Peggy, in wanting to be able to do more for and with Davon, strengthened their bond with him by bringing OpenDoors into their relationship. They say with the help (financial and logistical) of OpenDoors and Davon’s ever-supportive Mom Kimya, they’ve been able to expand Davon’s horizons. With sponsored help from Arden Reading Clinic, Davon’s borderline failing grades have evolved into A’s and B’s…earning him a spot on the honor roll last year! Davon’s natural athleticism now serves him well in soccer, football and swimming.. all opportunities made available through OpenDoors scholarships and organization. ABYSA has been especially generous to all of our kids. Davon’s mentors say that he is always open and eager to try new things. They describe him as a “beautiful, sweet, energetic, well-mannered child who is a great our favorite spots. It’s a delicious, bustling neighborhood joint in the heart of the River Arts District.