Summer is here! Let’s go to CAMP!!

Summer is here!!! No matter how you plan to spend yours, you can make it even sweeter by supporting a local kid living in poverty this summer. There are many children living in Asheville who have little planned this summer to inspire or educate. The reasons vary from financial crises to not knowing where or how to apply.

According to the 2017 report from the National Summer Learning Association:

  • Low-income youth lose 2 to 3 months in reading achievement each summer, on average, while their higher income peers make gains.
  • By the end of third grade, 4 out of every 5 low-income students fail to read proficiently, making them more likely to dropout of high school.
  • By 5th grade, cumulative years of summer learning loss can leave low-income students 2.5 to 3 years behind their peers, making it almost impossible to be prepared for college, or even high school graduation.
  • Lack of nutrition during summer months is a significant issue for 6 out of every 7 school children who qualify for federally funded meals during the school year,  they do not have adequate access to 3 meals per day during the summer.

It’s easy to do your part.  Make and impact and help send another child to a fun and educational summer camp.