“Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.”

 Kenn Kotara
Kenn’s recent newsletter featured this quote from Kofi Annan, which demonstrates Kenn and OpenDoors’ shared commitment to promote education and literacy for all. As a sixth year donating artist, Kenn explains why he gives to OpenDoors Art Affair. “In my work I am often posing what if questions about the manipulation of space, both initiating and responding to various inspirational catalysts.  Every child should have the opportunity and resources to pose their own ‘what if’ questions, inspired by their vision, opening up more possibilities. I donate my artwork to the OpenDoors’ Art Affair for our young people, for our community.”

Kenn Kotara’s current art includes works on canvas, paper and mylar, Braille, screens, Polaroids, sculpture and site specific installations that are contemporary, abstract and grid-based. Much of Kenn’s work is rooted in the fertile Southern environment of his native Louisiana with its rivers, marshlands and lush vegetation. His early education in architecture also influences the geometrical landscapes the artist is known for today.  His founding investment and ongoing support of Art Affair has made it possible for OpenDoors to strengthen our community.  Please learn more about his art at http://www.kotarastudio.com/index.php.

“Cardinal” donated by Kenn Kotara