Who We Serve

OpenDoors serves more than 40 local students through educational advocacy, tutoring, scholarships and enrichment opportunities, and we serve more than 40 more through community outreach at local schools and neighborhood initiatives.  Below are just a few examples, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and receive more information about our featured youth each month!

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    Most of the children OpenDoors has the honor to work with, are preschool or elementary school aged. Jasmine, however, came into the program as an 11th grader at Asheville High School. Though her grades were solid, her conduct led her to the brink of losing it all. Believing in her potential, OpenDoors got involved and […]



    As with most of life’s best relationships – the one between 5th grader Davon and his OpenDoors mentors Katherine Brooks and Peggy Weil, began organically. No ‘formal’ match up or introduction, just a great kid two women got to know through school activities and their own children. Katherine says Davon has been a welcome member […]



    The love for and belief in J’Von by his mentors, served as some of the earliest seeds for what has blossomed into OpenDoors of Asheville. Before his learning differences were diagnosed, J’Von struggled in traditional school. He couldn’t keep up with his studies, so he went for the laughs instead – becoming the class clown […]

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