2016 Art Affair Auction Items

Live Auction Items

Already Are

Lot #: 124 (Live Auction)

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Lot #: 110 (Live Auction)

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by Josh Copus

Lot #: 128 (Live Auction)

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Venus De Milo

Lot #: 132 (Live Auction)

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(Set of 3)

by Andy Farkas

Lot #: 126 (Live Auction)

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Lot #: 102 (Live Auction)

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Spirit Rising

Lot #: 131 (Live Auction)

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wolf like me

Lot #: 129 (Live Auction)

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The Hope

Lot #: 134 (Live Auction)

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Lot #: 111 (Live Auction)

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Lot #: 103 (Live Auction)

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Silent Auction Items

Glass Bead Necklace and Earrings

by Donna Errett

Lot #: 329

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Spalted Maple Bowl

by Jim Caskowski

Lot #: 328

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by Billy Smith

Lot #: 319

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Bangle Mania

by Jack Langdon

Lot #: 308

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by Jesse Lee

Lot #: 322

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Hannibal Barca

by LaKisha Blount

Lot #: 321

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Spirit Vessel

by Ada Lea Birnie

Lot #: 315

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by Tom Kerr

Lot #: 312

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Absentee Bidding

Step 1

Complete the online Absentee Bidding Form below for each item you would like to bid on.

Step 2

After placing your bid using the form below, you must call Courtney Hamner at (828) 215-9947 BEFORE 12 noon on Friday, March 8th to provide your payment information.  In order to ensure payment of won items, we must collect credit card information PRIOR to placing your absentee bid.

Payments are run the night of the auction. Bidding on a piece gives OpenDoors of Asheville, Inc. permission to manually run your card the night of the auction.

Your online bid is the maximum you wish to pay. A live bidder will represent you at auction, bidding up to your maximum amount. If the piece goes for less than your maximum, you pay the lesser amount. Due to incremental bidding at the live auction there is a chance you may miss your highest bid. Increments are at the discretion of the auctioneer, depending on the price of the piece. Online bidders are assigned a number and their identities remain anonymous.

Absentee bidders will be notified of their success the day after the live auction. Items won by absentee bid can be picked up by appointment by calling Jen Ramming at 828-777-1135.

Good luck!!

Absentee Bidding Form

  • If you’d like to go an increment or two above your maximum bid, please indicate here.