On leap year, February 29th, 2020, in downtown Asheville, we celebrated our 11th Annual Art Art Affair. LOOK2020 raised over $250,000, providing critical support for our students and families as they navigate their educational journey to a successful future. We were blessed by the timing, and grateful for everyone who made this event a success including: Donating Artists, Corporate Sponsors, Restaurant Donors, Committee Members, event Volunteers, Ticket Buyers, Art Buyers, Raise the Paddle Supporters, and many more. The income generated provided much needed financial backing as we entered the era of pandemic. Due to current regulations and uncertainty around vaccines, we have decided to suspend Art Affair planning, and come back with a BANG! in 2022.

A series of more personal mission focused events are being planned this fall, so please subscribe to our newsletter, visit our website, or call Dosty or Jen personally to stay informed on these gatherings! We’d love to see you soon.

We wish you all well and thank you for investing in our students and strengthening our community.