Be a Part of Something Big in Asheville

Invest in a child and change a life forever.Asheville gets so much hype in today’s media.  In fact, just ranked Asheville as the 12th best place in the country to live.  As a community we must work together, so that Asheville can be a great place for the kids who already live here, to call home.  A recent New York Times news analysis says that “middle class parents in 2014 spent an average of $958 per child on summer expenses.”  All parents and grandparents want to keep their kids safe and productive, hopefully out of the ever-present threat of trouble, but what if these resources are beyond your reach?

Invest in a child and change a life.

Thanks to supporters like you, the opportunity for summer growth was made possible for more than 50 OpenDoors students last summer.  This year, let’s send even more kids to camp.  Many parents don’t have the experience or access to arrange for quality camps and tutoring during the summer time.  These kids won’t have the many resources that make summer growth possible without your help.

Opportunity ends Poverty.  OpenDoors students who attend camp do not display the academic “back-slide” so commonly seen after summer break.  In fact it’s quite the opposite!  Our students grow academically, socially and emotionally.  All local kids need to learn to swim, experience our many rivers and mountains, play educational games, create art, and be rested and well fed each and every day.  They need to make new friends and expand their horizons.  OpenDoors has arranged for dozens of best-in-class day camps and sleep-away camps that offer Orton-Gillingham tutoring, traditional sports, dance and all the cherished camp activities many children enjoy.  Community-wide camp partners offer scholarships or greatly discounted pricing so that your donated collar goes more than twice as far to serve the maximum number of children.

This summer, our students are going to camps, getting tutoring, and staying involved in lots of activities.

We wish you a wonderful summer.  Please help us swing the door of opportunity wide for more children.  Consider helping send a child in need to experience camp and learning this summer.  Be a part of something big in Asheville. Invest in a child today, and change their life– not just for this summer, but forever.

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