Making this Summer the Best One Ever!

Children are excited when school lets out for the long summer break.  Images of families visiting beaches, waterfalls, historic places and museums are all over social media. This is not the case for all children…many are left behind.  Kids growing up in Asheville’s poorest homes find summer hot, days long, and healthy food scarce.  Even though school days can be especially challenging for kids from poverty, routine days offer the security of two meals a day in a safe, predictable, stimulating environment with friends.  The absence of these resources can be stressful.

When you give to OpenDoors Summer Camp-aign, you support dozens of scholarships for local kids living in poverty to get out into the bigger world and attend some of our region’s best summer camps.  Our students get to experience healthy curiosity, collaboration, resourcefulness and other qualities that make lifelong learners and, in turn, make our community stronger!  

Last summer our camper, Tianna, said that her weeks at camp went by way too fast.  Returning from her experience she appeared somehow quieter, calmer, wiser and more mature.  She had sat around campfires and made new friends from far away places.  She had tried healthy new foods and discovered new hobbies and talents.  Tianna returned to her loving family and headed back to school, but unlike many of her peers, Tianna did not display any academic “back-slide” during the summer.  Quite the opposite, she had grown–physically, academically, socially, and emotionally.

OpenDoors’ community partners offer greatly discounted pricing so that your dollar goes THREE TIMES AS FAR to serve the maximum number of children this summer.  Each dollar donated provides more than three dollars in camp scholarships!  What better to invest in than our children and our community?  Keep in mind that only $84 dollars a month constitutes our Elevation Fund level of giving, (about the cost of an average family’s gym membership). Elevation Fund is a growing community of our most committed supporters, who gather throughout the year to socialize and learn more about how to best impact and break the cycle of poverty in our home town.

We are happy that summer is here in our beautiful mountains.  Won’t it be just a bit sweeter knowing that you’ve swung the door of opportunity wide to change a child’s life– not just for this summer, but forever?  THANK YOU for your support and your commitment to improving the lives of children!

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