The ABC’s of Eradicating Child Poverty

“Reading, writing, and arithmetic are the branches of the learning tree. But without the roots of love every day, your education is not complete.”

Recognize that scholarly quote?

If not, read on…all things are revealed in their own time.

Aren’t you glad you CAN read? 

Many OpenDoors kids could not, until OpenDoors gave them some well-deserved help.

The latest thing I read was how some academic folks identified three main types of poverty. 1) Situational poverty is caused by factors such as unemployment and lack of opportunity. 2) Place-based poverty happens due to a lack of localized resources or civic engagement. 3) Multigenerational poverty continues across generations of families.

Asheville’s got all of them, and the rate of poverty among children in North Carolina is significantly higher than the national average…which is, in itself, tragically and embarrassingly high.

Kids who live with poverty don’t have access to proper nutrition and medical care. That makes them more vulnerable to illness, while increasing the likelihood that their health issues will go undiagnosed and untreated. They miss more days of school, and when they come to school their undiagnosed health issues and lack of nutrition make it harder to focus, perform, and learn. They have higher levels of stress…both at home and at school. They typically don’t get adequate sleep because their housing situation may also be inadequate. Their neighborhoods may be prone to violence. Exposure to chronic stress or incidental violence can cause chronic PTSD in children.

They suffer emotionally and socially.

But OpenDoors helps kids overcome these problems with its own triple-pronged solution approach…namely 1) Advocacy, 2) Education, and 3) Enrichment.

It’s done by providing an individualized, multidimensional support system specifically tailored to the needs and aspirations of each child. That includes tutoring, mentoring, social learning opportunities like summer camps, and nonstop advocacy.

“You went to school to learn, things you never knew before…teacher’s going to show you how to get an A!”

If you want, you can be part of this life-changing, community-enhancing phenomenon. You can help make our shared community healthier, stronger…more vibrant and sustainable…more compassionate and neighborly. You can help a child and a family overcome seemingly insurmountable odds…to break the cycle of multigenerational poverty. And I have more good news…it’s easy as ABC and the only qualification you need is love.

“ABC. Easy as 1,2,3. That’s how easy love can be!”

(blog courtesy of T.Kerr…quotes courtesy of the Jackson 5 song “ABC”)