Was It Anything But Amazing?!

Thank yous abound to more than 425 of you who attended Art Affair 2017; Urban Canvas – a HUGE success!  The impending weather was ominous, but when a diverse happy crowd of hundreds of beautiful people streamed through the doors of Wedge @ Foundation and 12 Bones, we knew the best party of the year was on. 

How exciting it was to see teachers, fire fighters, elected and appointed officials, entrepreneurs, social workers, and counselors dance and celebrate our students’ success together…joined by OpenDoors kids, mentors and parents.  

More than $180,000 in cash was raised, the most successful Art Affair yet!

Our annual Art Affair is especially meaningful because it represents an outpouring of time and money from local people and businesses who consciously and directly invest in local kids to make our community stronger, healthier, and more successful.

Thank you to Harmony Motors and many other sponsors who covered 100% of the cost of this event and much more. Enormous gratitude also goes to the 50 hardworking volunteers and more than 100 talented and generous artists who create approximately 50% of the total annual funding that OpenDoors spends on services and programs for local children in need.  

“I had a fantastic time at Art Affair– Urban Canvas 2017!  OpenDoors makes it fun and fashionable to support a great cause.” – Todd Willliams, Buncombe County District Attorney

National data confirms that youth coming from households of generational poverty, similar to those served by OpenDoors, often do not read at grade level, access sports, or engage in the arts. They do not earn gainful employment, they struggle to avoid the criminal justice system, and seldom have the skills and opportunities to to take care of basic needs and give back to their community. They have so much untapped potential and deserve so much more!

Thanks to you, all these opportunities are not only possible for our students, but it’s happening right before your eyes.

When the OpenDoors students at Art Affair saw the outpouring of support, it made them feel special, valued, and important to the greater community in which they live. That’s pretty inspiring…and the entire event was rather astonishing, as captured in the words of one OpenDoors student who asked, “Hey Jen? Are these ALL OpenDoors people?!?”

The answer is, ‘yes’.  And we are tremendously grateful to our Asheville community. See you next year on Saturday, March 10th!