“Where the great potential of humanity resides…”

By Andy Farkas

“The world moves ever onward and often times we are all swept up in it. Our tendency is to keep our eyes forward to what is ahead and what we can do to make our own world a better place—sometimes at the expense of what is right around us, namely our children. However, children and young adults have the delightful ability to live more in the present moment than we tend to do as adults, which means they are more apt to forgive and also to be impressioned and this is where the great potential of humanity resides… not in the past or future… but in the present moment. It is often said the the children are the hope of our future, but I think that’s only half right. Without the balance of proper guidance and care, that hope is diminished—we are two sides of the same coin. OpenDoors looks to right that imbalance in our community, and for that I am deeply grateful.”

Andy Farkas has been a beloved part of Art Affair for the past four years and we are excited to feature his works again in 2016.  He is a print and book artist who has been studying and developing his craft for over a decade. His work has been exhibited internationally and nationwide in numerous galleries and institutions.  He has received accolades in the form of guest lectures, visiting artist workshops as well as artist residencies for the development of further projects. In addition to his work in woodcut, wood engraving, drypoint, etching and book design, Farkas has also written the accompanying literature for each of his books. Please learn more about his fascinating work and history.

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