Teammates and friends, Sam & Shii

As told by his mentor Sumner Smith…

Shiiquan is a third grader at Isaac Dickson, an energetic charmer who loves chess club, football, has excelled in soccer, and is looking forward to trying his hand at baseball in the Spring.

When we met Shii two years ago, he was a child whose cooperative, easy-going nature in the classroom belied the fact that he was failing to learn to read.  Because he wasn’t disruptive, he didn’t receive the attention that would have clearly identified his high needs.  After  OpenDoors helped spearhead educational testing and resource management  on his behalf, Shii began receiving private reading tutoring and is now making strides in his reading.

His increased reading aptitude has also helped him utilize his strengths in math, making the word problems that are integral to math instruction more accessible to him. As his confidence in the classroom has grown, his participation has increased also.  His teacher now counts on Shii to help explain math concepts to other students who are struggling, and Shii is beginning to believe that he can succeed in school and make plans for his future.