“I believe that children are our greatest asset.”

Voyage by local craftsperson Josh Copus

“Voyage” by Josh Copus

“If I decide to donate a piece to an art auction, I want to feel proud of what that piece represents, because it is an honor and a privilege to be approached for a donation to a worthy cause.  When I give, I always make sure to give something that I myself would want to own.

Before I donate my work, because it is an extension of who I am and what I do as an artist, I also want to be sure that the organization I am giving to stands for something I really believe in. I need to know that the organization is really making a difference in our community. 

OpenDoors is that type of cause and is an organization that I have repeatedly supported throughout the years, because I know they are doing good work.  I believe that children are our greatest asset and that with education and opportunity any child has the ability to achieve great things in this world.  It’s all about giving kids a chance and if my work can help contribute to that, then I’m more than happy to give as much as I can – and the best work I can create.”

OpenDoors is honored to feature the work of Josh Copus again at this year’s ArtAffair.  Please learn more about his work and view other auction items before the event on March 5th at 7 P.M..