Calling all of our Facebook Followers!

ODsummeradA $25 investment that pays huge rewards and lifelong dividends?  Yes, please.  

In times of social unrest, senseless violence, and painful division, allow a young person challenged by poverty to have opportunity… opportunity to succeed, to work and to reach their potential.  Make change happen in Asheville.

If each of our Facebook followers will give $25 right now, OpenDoors of Asheville will be able to directly invest $32,250 to educate, empower and elevate local children in life-changing ways.  Invest in a child, Strengthen our community.

Right now, every $25 pays for:

Groceries for a family that would otherwise go to bed hungry • Much-needed professional help for a dyslexic child struggling to read • Opportunities for kids who want to succeed, rather than falling prey to pressures of drugs and gangs • A child to experience a joyful, memorable day of healthy summer fun • Our community to be a role model for equality and active, genuine compassion.

It’s so easy.  $25.  Click here to donate.