Happy 2017! Let’s Do This!

Five simple words. What do they mean to you? To a kid growing up in multigenerational poverty, these words can mean the world.  Please help us educate, elevate and celebrate in the New Year!

With ACCESS to resources, students who are not thriving at school can get academic support they need to grow and become functionally literate.  In 2016, OpenDoors impacted more than 600 students through enrichment activities and teacher and tutor training.  Additionally, OpenDoors individually supported 34 children with committed TeamLeaders who offered weekly, and sometimes daily, support, transportation, encouragement, and increased parent engagement with their schools.

Wouldn’t it be FAIR if all children had equal OPPORTUNITY to become inspired, contributing members of our community?  OpenDoors regularly advocates for students from households of multigenerational poverty, where parents are struggling to meet their children’s needs. With your support, our staff and TeamLeaders make sure kids aren’t only surviving, they’re thriving.

EDUCATION provides a path to a sustainable future.  OpenDoors strives to provide literacy through assessment and intervention for all our children through partnerships with 15 public, private and charter schools in 2016. Young people with an education and positive self-identity have HOPE and become employable grown-ups with purpose who are able to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families.

We wish you an amazing hope filled New Year, and ask you to imagine one child with expanded opportunity for each firework in the sky – a child whom, without your support, would continue to carry the weight of poverty on their shoulders.  By investing together and combining our resources, our Asheville can become a collective, diverse, vibrant display of community and compassion.  Please join us and invest in a local child to provide access, fairness, opportunity, education and hope. Together, we will strengthen our community.

It’s easy to be a part of the solution!  Every dollar counts with your annual donation or monthly increments of giving.  Please join the OpenDoors community by clicking here now.

Would you like to celebrate our students’ successes in the New Year?  Please join us at our 8th annual OpenDoors Art Affair at Wedge Brewing @ Foundation.  Tickets on sale here starting January 15th!