OpenDoors Best-Fit Schools Program

Students with dyslexia work harder than most students as they attempt to stretch themselves and break new ground every day. We, in close partnership with parents, sometimes ask that students with learning differences take risks and invest in themselves by switching schools and attending what we call a “Best-Fit School.”  These are public, private or charter schools that our staff and Board feel have a particular ability to close the academic gap between potential and performance for a particular student.

One example is our long term relationship with the Gow School in Buffalo, NY. The Gow School’s remarkable learning community works together to elevate students.  Their website (found HERE) states that, “Students, faculty, and staff are devoted to understanding, supporting, and valuing the learning differences and strengths of students in order to reignite their lives.”

OpenDoors and Gow both draw from the discipline of Orton-Gillingham, a best-in-class educational philosophy that is based on current research, and in it’s best implementation is supported by leading technology. 100% of  Gow School Students are preparing for, applying to, and are being accepted by colleges and universities; currently including two impressive OpenDoors students, one in 8th and one in 9th grade.

Gow School Student Interview – 9th grade student

Do you like being at a boarding school?

Yes, I do like being at a boarding school. It helps get me ready for college.  My favorite part about Gow is living on your own and and being with friends. My least favorite part about Gow is being so far away from home.

What’s your favorite part about Gow School?

The first time I went to class I was nervous and scared and didn’t know what to do. As I got to class my stress started to go away as I noticed how there’s only 4 kids in the room. (We are all dyslexics, so that helps a lot.) As the teacher started I started to release my stress.

How do you feel you are doing?

I almost made A/B honor roll first semester.  That’s closer than I’ve ever come before.  I find science the hardest because of the equations.  They are just confusing. The Gow school is really different from my previous school because at Gow everyone knows everyone, no matter if you’re in middle or high school. Also, at Gow we are like one big (sometimes) happy family.