Parker + Priddy = Perfect

Parker Pfister Photo

By Jen Ramming:

OpenDoors of Asheville is made possible by those who are willing to collaborate. WNC is, both historically and today, full of fanatically independent spirits. But on a daily basis we are astonished by the number of people who come forth with their time, money, talent, and hearts to collaborate and make a difference in children’s lives. With more than 90 volunteers, OpenDoors of Asheville has taken on a life of its own – as a gift that keeps on giving.

OpenDoors art donors Parker J. Pfister and R. Brooke Priddy are longtime collaborators on “epic fashion and photography” projects. PARKER + PRIDDY is a bespoke photography firm born of studio-mates Parker and Brooke’s deeply creative and visionary fashion and photography projects.

In September the Art Affair planning committee asked Brooke, Parker, and longtime volunteer and donor Larry Hopkins of Ananda to come up with an image would encapsulate the theme and excitement of our 6th Affair celebration dubbed “A Starry Night.”

“She will be floating up and shot in silhouette under a starry sky” Brooke said to me. “We have discussed a Max Patch moonless night shoot…thinking of a dramatic silhouette. I will be building a suite of gowns for the art handlers, too, with fittings in January.”

The committee couldn’t have been more thrilled.  Then the photo arrived in my inbox, and we were all rendered speechless.

Brooke spoke the truth when she said, “We have conjured up some very elaborate beauty for you – filled with stars and celestial bodies, creating the feeling of stars on the ground and in the forest, spilling from her hands and floating throughout. A fountain of creativity.”

Patrice Wilson was the bold and brave model who “Worked harder than anyone,” according to Hopkins on that chilly October night. She was annual Art propped luminously for hours on a painted ladder, hovering above the sparkling ground.

We are immeasurably grateful. The collaborative work of Brooke, Parker, Larry, and the radiantly beautiful Patrice epitomize what it is we wish for every child to experience. Our desire is to give every OpenDoors child the opportunity to be uplifted by our community; to elevate above the complications of everyday life, and to SHINE.

Now you know what’s percolating to the surface at OpenDoors this fall, in preparation for Art Affair 2015. I can hardly wait until March 7th to reveal the results of that collaborative effort in celebration with you – so save the date!

Photography by Parker Pfister.
Gown designed by R. Brooke Priddy, Ship to Shore.
Hair and makeup by Larry Hopkins and Ananda Hair Studio.
Patrice Wilson, model.