OpenDoors changes lives by bringing families together in long-term partnerships, and this creates intentional community.  Together, we support students so they can reach their true potential by increasing access to education and enrichment opportunities.   

Working in partnership with parents and schools, OpenDoors increases access to mentoring, tutoring, school events, sports and extracurricular activities, summer camp, and other opportunities that allow each child to be successful and feel inspired.  

OpenDoors method is to intentionally work with a small group of students (approximately 50) providing very personalized long-term support. We collaborate with guardians, families, and schools to surround each child with the intensive resources he or she needs to succeed.  Each child is provided an individualized plan for enrichment and education, coordinated by a strong network of volunteers and educational professionals.  

The aim of OpenDoors is to promote equity by providing access for children who are growing up in poverty, and who face barriers to educational success. We are united in our commitment to fairness, and we work together as a team to change children’s lives.