Who We Serve

OpenDoors serves students from Kindergarten through College Graduation, or age 22 for Career Track Students. To be eligible to apply for financial support at the college level, students must have been enrolled in OpenDoors prior to their Junior year of high school.

At all levels of learning, we prioritize admission into programming for students most affected by Asheville’s achievement gaps: racial & ethnic minorities, students with learning differences (diagnosed or suspected),  and students of families who are living in subsidized housing, homeless or designated McKinney-Vento, but consider all referrals for students experiencing poverty and in need of educational support.

Please provide as much information as possible in your referral. OpenDoors of Asheville staff will use the following questions to determine eligibility for the referred student:

    • Does the family qualify for public assistance programs (free and reduced lunch, medicaid or CHIP, SSI, etc.)?
    • Has the student, within the last three years, lived in public housing, fragile or substandard housing, been ‘doubled-up’, or classified as homeless?
    • Is the student not performing to their academic potential ?
    • Is the student performing one or more years below grade level in core subjects (english or reading/writing, math, science, and social studies)?
    • Can the student be easily accessed by OpenDoors’ existing network of support at school and/or at home?
    • Are the student and caregiver willing to give permission and participate in activities that may be outside of their peer or cultural norms?
  • Referral Process

OpenDoors of Asheville is not a temporary relief organization. If the referred person or family is in crisis (housing, mental health, transportation, nutritional needs, health care concerns, etc.), please dial 211 to find organizations which can provide immediate assistance. 

A referral to OpenDoors of Asheville is not a guarantee of services. We require a meeting with the family and review background information before making a final decision as to the best course of action for educational support and intervention. This process may take several weeks or longer depending on current caseloads, availability of staff and the referred’s schedules, and the cooperation of agencies concerning information requests. 

We aim to provide a depth of high-quality services to our clients and acknowledge that sometimes what is best for a family may be outside the scope of our programs. A decision not to intake a student or family may involve a referral to outside sources or a recommendation for higher level services. 

If you have any further questions about the referral process or any of our work, please call or send us a message through the contact page. Thank you so much for your interest in our work!

For a paper copy, please print our OpenDoors Referral Form (.pdf)

For an online form, please Click here.