Who We Serve – Criteria for Selection

OpenDoors programming offers three levels of service: Individual OpenDoors Intensive (ODI),  Tier 2 Support, and Community-level programming.  With our mission to break the cycle of poverty for local students, OpenDoors recognizes that we must implement changes on a community level as well as an individual and neighborhood level.  There is no hard line between the three areas, as this accurately represents the complex social networks we all live in.  Our students are placed into one of three levels of support based on their needs and the extent of their individualized support network.

1.  Individual-OpenDoors Intensive (ODI)
OpenDoors serves up to 50 prioritized students with individual support plans and assigned TeamLeaders.  In order to qualify for service, the applicant or nominee must meet certain criteria:

  1. Has recently lived in subsidized housing, has been “doubled up” or is otherwise classified as homeless
  2. Is not thriving at school and/or at home
  3. Is aged birth-12th grade (upon initial contact)
  4. Can be easily accessed by our existing network of support (known as the “Blokus Principle”)
  5. Be assigned a TeamLeader to help coordinate services

2.  Tier 2 Programming
These students are prioritized on the waiting list for new TeamLeaders.  They have access to enrichment activities, service referrals, and emergency support.

  1. Siblings and extended family of ODI students
  2. Asheville City Schools Summer Support students
  3. Suspended students

3.  Community-Level Programming
OpenDoors community-level programs are designed to benefit a broader section of our community and focus on strengthening and diversifying.  The goal is to broaden our reach and help to eliminate the achievement gap, remove barriers to higher education, an support students who struggle to learn in the traditional classroom.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Students of teachers that receive Orton-Gillingham Teacher training
  2. Prioritized and “Best-Fit” schools
  3. Gate-way programs such as: Hillcrest Community Center or AHS Alternative
  4. Read to Succeed students

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